The Emotional Difficulties of Being Famous

Magazine racks and online sites are full of images and tales of celebrities acting out, including, but not limited to: sex scandals; cosmetic surgeries gone awry; spectacular instances of bad taste, and stunningly poor judgment. Add in the frequent wardrobe malfunctions, relationship problems, and wayward family members, and the complications and emotional difficulties that come with being famous begin to outweigh the incredible benefits. Although many of these all-too-public private foibles can be chalked up as simply examples of spoilt or selfish behaviour, sometimes the personal, professional, and emotional problems of celebrities are truly shocking or deeply sad.Read More »

Abuse of power in the work place.

It seems that not a week goes by without a news story about anger, confrontation, abuse, or actual violence in the workplace. While the media attention usually goes to figures in the public eye – politicians are notorious in this regard – power struggles in the workplace are, unfortunately, an all-too-frequent occurrence for thousands of working women and men.

With people vying for what can appear to be a very limited pool of prestige and tangible financial benefits, it is no wonder that the workplace is often fraught with difficulties. In addition, because our jobs are often a source of income as well as areas from which we draw pride and security, it is easy to feel threatened by any challenge to that sense of self and stability.

Power struggles in the workplace do not always originate from the top down. Very often, power struggles exist between colleagues. Recognising and understanding typical incidents of poor office politics can go a long way in handling a difficult situation.

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Coping with Big Life Changes

Life is constantly throwing challenges at us, sometimes big, sometimes small. One of the biggest challenges in life is dealing with an important change. All big changes in life, whether they are expected and predictable, or sudden and shocking, have one thing in common, they cause stress. Human beings are naturally resistant to change, and so fatigue, stress and a degree of anxiety come with any big life change. Sometimes, coping with change can become very difficult and it becomes necessary to seek professional counselling.Read More »