Narcissism in Cyberspace

It has become commonplace to display much of our lives in a very publicly accessible fashion. Amateur videos go viral every day, making instant celebrities out of the least likely candidates. We can portray ourselves as the wealthy, beautiful, successful people we always wished to be, and we can make sure that everyone who ever doubted us gets a full screening of our talents and accomplishments. We can be up-to-the-minute with not only friends and family and workmates, but with actors, musicians, politicians, and sports figures. Just as we can individually select the music, news, television, and other entertainment we wish to enjoy, we can also broadly send our own images, actions, beliefs, feelings, and thoughts out into the world.
It seems that everyone knows that person who has thousands of cyberspace “friends”. Their Facebook is legend, they have so many followers and tweeters and likers it is dizzying. It appears as if their lives are filled with glamorous and fun events that inspire envy in all who read their self-created media kits.

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50 Shades Of Sexuality

In society today, one’s sexuality can have far-reaching consequences. Sexuality may influence our choices in the work we do, where we live, how we worship, and other intimate areas of life. Sexuality is often associated with one’s identity and what it means to be an individual. With all of the meaning that is carried with sexuality, there is the potential for an individual to question their own feelings. It is far from the case that all people simply know their sexuality or can identify with a particular group. Although many people do not express any confusion or concern regarding their sexuality, this is not the case for a great number of individuals who find that their questions regarding their sexuality are not so easily answered.

Sexuality is not defined by one behaviour or one feeling, or even by one experience. It is a highly complex human response that can be influenced by a variety of factors in its expression. What does seem to be clear that sexual preference is not a choice. One cannot control or determine who they are attracted to – whatever their sexuality. While many people have clear preferences, it is largely outside their ability to change that attraction, or lack thereof.  Read More »

Breaking up with someone – a tough choice to make

Breaking up with someone can be a hard thing to do, and even if it seems right, there is always an element of doubt and uncertainty involved. Am I making a mistake? Should I just see if things will get better? How will I cope by myself? These are just some of the questions that go around and around in the mind when confronted with the situation.

It is not intended of me to give direct advise on what to do or not. The following blog is a collection of useful tips that have helped people in the past to deal with difficult break ups. Please be aware that counselling is not about giving advise or telling people what to do. Most counsellors will not give such a direct advise during counselling sessions.

Dealing with difficult circumstances

Of course, breaking up with someone is made all the more complicated when houses, marriages and children are involved in the equation. Despite the complexity, though, you should still ask yourself the fundamental question of – Should I be in a relationship with this person? If the answer is no, then you need to consider what to do next. Whilst it is only natural that close members of the family and friends might be asked for their opinions and thoughts on the matter, it might also be helpful to see a counsellor as well.

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