Existentialism in therapy for HIV-positive clients

Using existentialism in therapy for HIV patients can be benefitialIn the more holistic model of health care that is prescribed to nowadays, psychological and emotional well-being are acknowledged as being integral to patient care and management. As such, HIV counselling and psychotherapy are considered to be core elements in the treatment and care of people suffering from HIV. Counselling and therapy are often the best and the only true way to discuss sensitive questions and feelings openly and without judgement, for both the patients as well as those affected by the patient’s illness.Read More »

Between experience and language

We are explorers

There is no way we can express ourselves fully with the use of words

We are curious observers, explorers and wonderers of this world. We investigate the environment around us, we write and learn about it, but most importantly, we experience it. All of us experience being in this world differently. We have acquired most of our knowledge from the characteristic standpoint of distant observers or scientists. The knowledge that we have gained throughout time have made us understand with accuracy most of the wonders that occur in our world, yet, on the other hand we have not gained as much knowledge about the way other living things (the world) experiences us.

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