On Overcoming Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is one of the most difficult experiences an individual may ever face.  It is also incredibly common. While damage inflicted on the body may heal, sexual abuse leaves emotional scars that can be just as troubling as physical ones, and in some cases they can be even worse. Although the immediate pain and trauma subside, the truth is that there can be long-term consequences for the victims of sexual abuse. That being said, the process of healing might be centered on the body, not in the mind.

Victims of abuse often respond with a physical reaction known as the “fight or flight” response. The body learns to release adrenaline in situations that recreate the feelings of terror and pain, and as a result, this can become a pattern that the victim experiences again and again. Read More »

Can loneliness affect our health?

Loneliness is not a disease, but it sure does feel like one Loneliness is not a disease, but it sure does feel like one. But assuming it was an ailment, the doctor’s diagnosis would be something like this:

  • The person feels unacceptable and unloved to others.
  • He/she feels like there is no one with whom to share their personal experiences or concerns
  • The person finds it a strenuous activity making new friends
  • The person finds it difficult relating to others on a level deeper than an acquaintance

And such like other symptoms.
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