My daughter is lesbian

I just found out my daughter is lesbian: Help!

If the above sentence applies to you, the following passages may be of some help in coming to terms with the new situation. Firstly, it must be said that everyone’s situation will be different, although some similarities will be prevalent in all. The first similarity will be the feeling of being stunned, followed by rising panic or bewilderment when you first find out. Even if you may already have had an inkling as to the sexuality of your daughter, to have it confirmed will still be a significant moment in your life.

Don’t worry! This is perfectly normal when any news of an unexpected nature is received. It is also worthwhile keeping in mind that your daughter may have been thinking of telling you for many weeks or months that she is a lesbian, and so has had quite some time to be prepared. You, on the other hand, have had to react to the news instantly.Read More »

I hate the body I’m in

We live in a world that is obsessed with images. There are images everywhere, from portable mobile screens belonging to a pair of individual eyes, multiple TV screens in family homes, to massive screens projecting in busy city squares. We live in a world obsessed with screens, showing us images of ‘life’ and how it should be. From perfectly sculpted models showing us what we could be wearing, eating, seeing, doing, and being. No wonder an increasing number of us develop insecurities enough to warrant professional counselling.Read More »