On Overcoming Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is one of the most difficult experiences an individual may ever face.  It is also incredibly common. While damage inflicted on the body may heal, sexual abuse leaves emotional scars that can be just as troubling as physical ones, and in some cases they can be even worse. Although the immediate pain and trauma subside, the truth is that there can be long-term consequences for the victims of sexual abuse. That being said, the process of healing might be centered on the body, not in the mind.

Victims of abuse often respond with a physical reaction known as the “fight or flight” response. The body learns to release adrenaline in situations that recreate the feelings of terror and pain, and as a result, this can become a pattern that the victim experiences again and again. Read More »

A brief insight into “Madonna whore complex”

The Madonna Whore Complex is a psychoanalytical term, coined by Sigmund Freud to describe a male psychological dichotomy in the perception of women – either as saint or sinner. The complex was termed as such by Sigmund Freud, but this dichotomy seems to have existed since time immemorial. Some men experience the inability to view a woman as a whole, but can only view her through the perception of either saint or sinner. The cultural portrayal of men and women as adhering to fixed gender roles also does not help in overcoming this flawed perception of women. Needless to say, this can take a serious toll on personal relationships and many of those who are impacted seek the help of a counsellor to deal with the problem.

According to the Madonna Whore Complex, men either view a woman as a sexually restrained and well behaved ‘Madonna’, or as a sexually free ‘whore’ who must be punished by the man. Read More »

All about Mindfulness

Mindfulness has several different definitions, but in essence it involves experiencing the present instant, being fully aware of the moment that exists now, and accepting it as it is. Mindfulness is a concept that emerged from the eastern philosophies and is used extensively in Zen meditation, as well as in Pranayama. The effectiveness of this concept in psychotherapy has been recognised and has resulted in the evolution of different forms of therapy that use mindfulness as a technique.Read More »

Existentialism in therapy for HIV-positive clients

Using existentialism in therapy for HIV patients can be benefitialIn the more holistic model of health care that is prescribed to nowadays, psychological and emotional well-being are acknowledged as being integral to patient care and management. As such, HIV counselling and psychotherapy are considered to be core elements in the treatment and care of people suffering from HIV. Counselling and therapy are often the best and the only true way to discuss sensitive questions and feelings openly and without judgement, for both the patients as well as those affected by the patient’s illness.Read More »

Dealing with anxiety

Anxiety can also cause sufferers to exhibit physical symptomsAnxiety is a natural part of everyday life for the majority of people, but in a few cases this can become a bigger problem affecting how well people sleep and in some instances can develop into depression. There are some things that will commonly cause people to worry, but if the stress and anxiety does start to get too much and affect other areas of life, then there is treatment available. The symptoms of anxiety can vary greatly depending on how individuals react to worries, but because of the wide range of potential symptoms it can be hard to get the right diagnosis.
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Porn addiction – links to depression and anxiety

porn-addiction-may-lead-to-depressionThere are many differing ideas as to whether pornography has an affect on mental health or not, with various studies showing conflicting results. Part of the problem involved in analysing the question, is in the very definition of pornography itself, and which media it is presented on, such as magazines, television, DVD or the internet. In addition, there are then exposure levels, age groups and social categories to be taken into account, which all go further to complicate the situation.

Pornography itself can also be categorised, with the words light and hardcore often used to describe things as varied as semi-naked still photo shots through to films involving multiple partners and much more. Online, it can then take the form of free or ‘pay-per-view’ pornography.

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