Bereavement Counselling

Losing a loved one is difficult, whether the process of that loss is slow due to a long-term illness or suddenly and unexpectedly. Dealing with your loss often requires help from those around you, family, friends, and support groups. Bereavement counselling is one option you can seek to help learn coping mechanisms when you experience a loss; especially if that loss has a particularly overwhelming effect on you. This specialised counselling allows you to work through your feelings, grief, to help lessen the overwhelming feelings you have.Read More »

Flying Low

Flight attendants are one of the customer service industry’s most taxed individuals on an emotional level. A great deal of research has gone into flight attendants and the emotional tolls they have. There are two reasons for emotional exhaustion to affect flight attendants and therefore the need for more emotional support in their industry. The first is being with passengers more than any other airline and airport related job. The second is possible trauma that can occur while on planes.Read More »

Low Self Esteem

8065467654_ef87b5cca9_mEvery person, at least once in their life, has faced low self-esteem. Even if you have someone in mind that you believe has never had self-esteem problems – the chances are, they have had them. They are either very good at hiding the issue or they have learned to move passed low self-esteem to being confident. A person can be very confident in childhood, only to lose it in adulthood or not have any self-esteem as a child only to gain it as an adult. You are not alone in your low self-esteem, but it is up to you to deal with these feelings and to move into a more confident person.Read More »

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence has been a growing epidemic for years. Awareness about this subject is vital to lower the statistics and help prevent the abuse from escalating. It is reported that every 15 seconds a female is a victim of domestic violence in the United States. It is defined as an act of abuse that is inflicted by the other partner as a means to gain control in an intimate relationship. This includes not only marriage or romantic involvement, but also family and friendship.
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Why therapists often speak very little

A common complaint among the patients of psychologists and other mental health providers is that it seems to them that their therapist hardly ever speaks during a session. This can bring up feelings of isolation or anger and dislocation. The sense that we are not being fully heard, or that we are not being paid adequate attention or respect is extremely frustrating and difficult, and in fact, may be part of the reason why a patient has sought out counselling in the first place.

This is completely understandable, as conversation is the way in which we as humans bond with those we are the closest to from infancy on. Many of us look to the traditional patterns of conversation and sociability as being appropriate in most situations. This confusion about how much the therapist should engage in conversation and commentary springs from a basic misunderstanding over the role of the therapist. Psychological therapy is different from all of our other interpersonal encounters. The therapist, as is evident in the word itself, is there to provide a therapeutic service.

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50 Shades Of Grey Can Turn Up Unsafe

Many more people are engaging in BDSM or “Bondage, Discipline, and Sadomasochism” than ever before. Or at least there is more abundant information, and perhaps opportunity, for those who wish to experience this area of sexual play or kink. Although it consists of behaviours and practices that would be considered completely off-limits for many, the community of BDSM practitioners is thriving.Read More »

On – Offline Therapy

In this age of electronic-everything, 24/7 service, and instant gratification, many patients and their therapists have wondered about the possible benefits of online therapy. Some of the benefits of online therapy are fairly obvious. Online therapy opens up the experience of psychological health care to many more individuals, who, in the past, may have suffered from lack of adequate treatment.Read More »

The Emotional Difficulties of Being Famous

Magazine racks and online sites are full of images and tales of celebrities acting out, including, but not limited to: sex scandals; cosmetic surgeries gone awry; spectacular instances of bad taste, and stunningly poor judgment. Add in the frequent wardrobe malfunctions, relationship problems, and wayward family members, and the complications and emotional difficulties that come with being famous begin to outweigh the incredible benefits. Although many of these all-too-public private foibles can be chalked up as simply examples of spoilt or selfish behaviour, sometimes the personal, professional, and emotional problems of celebrities are truly shocking or deeply sad.Read More »

Open relationships

” The bonds of Wedlock are so heavy that it takes three people to carry….. sometimes four” Alexandre Dumas

Our culture celebrates monogamy and it is looked on as both a milestone in adulthood, and an important contributor to social stability. While monogamy is a classic institution, sexually exclusive relationships are not, strictly speaking, restricted to those sanctioned by law. Lifelong  marriages are held in high regard and Golden Anniversaries, recognizing a couple’s fifty years of matrimony, are among the most significant and joyous events in late adulthood; yet couples who are not formally married often assign the same significance to the longevity and exclusivity of their partnerships.

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