Low Self Esteem

8065467654_ef87b5cca9_mEvery person, at least once in their life, has faced low self-esteem. Even if you have someone in mind that you believe has never had self-esteem problems – the chances are, they have had them. They are either very good at hiding the issue or they have learned to move passed low self-esteem to being confident. A person can be very confident in childhood, only to lose it in adulthood or not have any self-esteem as a child only to gain it as an adult. You are not alone in your low self-esteem, but it is up to you to deal with these feelings and to move into a more confident person.

Feelings Dragging you Down

Low self-esteem can be dragging you down in several ways. First, on an emotional level, you can feel under confident, useless, angry, sad, and depressed all because you suffer from self-esteem problems. In a practical situation, such as work, self-esteem issues could be holding you back from a deserved promotion, from gaining a new job at a new workplace, or from forming relationships that are truly valuable to you. Letting these feelings take over your life is going to continue to let problems arise for your emotional wellbeing.

There are solutions. Several magazines, news articles, websites, and therapist handouts offer you a process for working through to a more confident life. Bookshelves in numerous bookstores are filled with self-help books, dealing with confidence and the lack of it. The key is for you to find something you can take seriously; a way for you to focus and tackle the emotions weighing you down.

Remember to take it one step at a time. Changing one emotion, one thing in your life, can help lead you to a more confident situation.

Reasons for Low Self-esteem

4933080134_4a3005d820_m (1)Your appearance may be directly affecting the confidence you have in yourself. Only you can change how you feel about your looks. If you are overweight only you can begin to work out and eat better to feel better about yourself. Just because you need to be committed, does not mean you cannot get help. You can find support groups, counselling, or seek a partner at a gym to help push you towards an appearance you can love. You can also work with counselling or on your own to find things about your appearance now that you love. It will take time and sometimes you may have setbacks, but only you can change how you feel about yourself and your looks.

Another reason for confidence issues is a direct result of negative words being spoken. Perhaps it is too often that you heard certain phrases or experienced rejection. If this is the case, then seeking help to work through negative emotions to think more positively is one way to gain a more positive emotion about you.

Steps to Seek a Better Outlook

Each person is different. For some, going to support groups, is no problem. They find help and feel better talking with others. Other individuals find help from therapists to rebuild or build self-esteem. Often a combination helps.

8205961749_2a510a57d1_mFirstly, admitting you have a self-esteem issue will bring you a step closer to more confidence. Next, you have to decide if you are willing to take help or if you want to try working out the issue on your own.

If you have negative thoughts about you and wish to find confidence, there are plenty of worksheets that can help. Assess the negative thought, assess how you reacted, figure out how you could have reacted better, and devise a system to react better in the future so as to reduce the negative thoughts for more positive thoughts.

One potential choice is to use a diary. Each day of the year, write down one thing you accomplished or remember accomplishing in the past. By reminding yourself of the good things, you start to retrain your brain to think positively, versus negatively.

While you have some suggestions on what you can do to address low self-esteem, remember it is only possible to address your feelings or thoughts if you are committed to doing so. You have to be open, willing, and follow through to be successful and sometimes this takes a bit of a helping hand.

Images on Creative Commons license courtesy of Kiran FosterUlisse AlbiatiSummer Skyes 11

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